Sometimes, we hit rock bottom. And, guess what, that’s okay. It is one-hundred percent okay to not be okay. It’s okay to feel angry, frustrated, scared, or sad. It’s okay to feel like everything around you is falling apart and will never rebuild itself. It’s perfectly okay to take a day off for yourself. It’s okay to give yourself time to breathe and recuperate. It’s okay to let yourself feel all of these emotions deeply and fully. It’s not okay, however, to let those emotions hold you down. It’s not okay to let them take control over you. I know it’s hard and exhausting and just plain terrible sometimes, but, for your own good, you have to keep moving forward.

Sometimes the world seems cold and bitter and just plain awful. Sometimes it feels like the cold of the world is piercing our hearts. We sit in the darkness waiting for a fire to warm us up. We wait and wait, but nothing happens.

Things will get better – they might take their sweet time to do so, but they will. Sometimes, the hardest lessons to learn are the ones that affect you – your soul – the most. The hard thing about life is that, until you’ve felt true pain and heartache, you can’t feel true joy. You can’t have a true sense of light until you’ve been in the dark and you can’t truly enjoy victory without knowing what it means to fail.

So, don’t lose hope, but rather keep moving forward. Move towards the things that bring a little light into your life. Read your favorite book, listen to music, watch your favorite movie, cook your favorite meal, or call your favorite person. Whatever it may be for you, grab a hold of it and never let go. These are the things that keep our souls alive. They remind us that hope does in fact exists -no matter how far out of reach it may feel -, that happiness is achievable and that life is indeed beautiful.


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