Let me just start by saying that I don’t know much about politics. I don’t fully understand a lot of the policies brought up during this election and, honestly, the only reason I learned even a little bit about them was because my roommate was very interested in the debates and I watched them with her. I don’t know a lot about either candidate or exactly what they proposed as issues – or solutions to those issues- throughout the election process. Like many people my age, I know about the surface stuff that the media focuses on so heavily. For example, I know the derogatory things Mr. Trump has said about and to women and I know about Secretory Clinton’s email scandal. If I searched hard enough I could probably find at least 1 thing that I fully agree with on both sides. I could also find at least 1 thing I do not support in any way. The truth of the matter is, I don’t have enough information on policies to make a truly informed decision. With that being said, I’m going to try to keep my political opinion as far out of this post as I can.

A lot of things in America are not working. There are some things that are working for some and not others, things that are working but only ever so slightly, and things that are just plain broken. And, even though I don’t know much about politics, I know that this is not how a country needs to work. Our country is broken. More importantly, it’s hurting. Dividing our country further is not the answer to this very significant problem.

People have become extremely divided with this election. To the point in which we have actually become more focused on our candidate winning – therefore making us “right” – rather than our relationships with friends and family. When we found out the results of this election, I saw some people – supporters of Mr. Trump – rubbing the election results in the faces of others. They said things truly bashing people who support Secretory Clinton. I read something that said something along the lines of “I want to see who’s crying in Clinton’s campaign.” I saw people who supported Secretory Clinton making excuses for why she didn’t win. People blamed the FBI for reopening the case about her email scandal right before early voters turned in their ballots. People bashed the supporters of Mr. Trump explaining that they would de-friend anyone who voted for him.

People have become so unbelievably petty about this issue. Why can’t we just agree to be kind to one another rather than tearing each other down? I understand being excited when your candidate wins or disappointed when the person you support loses. There’s nothing wrong with that. There is, however, something significantly wrong with the degrading comments people are making towards each other. Be passionate about what you believe in, but do so in a respectful and loving matter. You can share your beliefs without threatening and degrading others. You can even explain why you don’t support the other side without hurting anyone else.

The important thing to remember here is that we are all people and we are all Americans. We live in a country where we get to vote for our president and express our differences in beliefs. We get to share our excitement and our disappointment with each other openly. However, with these privileges, come responsibilities. We get to do so many wonderful things as Americans, but we have the responsibility as humans to do so with respect and dignity. No one should feel as though they are less of a person for what they believe. Remind yourself of the fact that you want to be supported in your time of need and celebrated with in times of joy.

Everyone is pretty worked up right now, whether they be disappointed or overjoyed. Both sides are passionate, but we are not helping our country by expressing our feelings with hateful comments. So, despite my lack of political knowledge, I encourage everyone to share their feelings and opinions with respect and dignity. Let’s uphold the standard of unity that America was built on.




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