Anyone who knows me knows that I plan anything and everything to the tee. From what every hour of my day looks like today to the things I’ll need for my apartment next year, I plan quite literally everything. More often than not, my days don’t go as planned and my future plans change over time. The truth is, life isn’t something you can plan. You can prepare and schedule as much as you’d like, but things may not always go accordingly. You could put together the most fool-proof plan in the entire existence of plans and, sooner or later, life would come in. Life would look at your plans and rip them into tiny little shreds, throw them into the air, and dance in the confetti as your broken plans fall from the sky. Honestly, life can be the pain in the butt sometimes so don’t be surprised if it decides to light the whole building on fire, just to make sure those plans are really, truly gone.

Life is so much more than planning and re-planning, though. Change is really the only constant thing in life. Wants, expectations, thoughts, and feelings all become outdated rather quickly. Sometimes it’s because they no longer make sense, sometimes because they just don’t serve you anymore. And, sometimes, you cling to them because you don’t want to let go or give up. Letting go of a plan, however, has nothing to do with giving up on a dream. There’s a saying that we’ve all heard too many times: when one door closes, another one opens. When you let go of a plan, you allow yourself the opportunity to add things to your life, to move forward. You allow yourself the opportunity to dream. You let yourself see all of the options and the variety of choices you have. Spoiler alert: life is supposed to take you down unpredictable paths and sometimes it will be easier to accept that fact than to try to plan around it.

Plans have their time and place, but sometimes, it’s better to just let go. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll let go of your plan and everything will change for the better. Because, the thing is, the day before your life changes forever it feels just like any other day. So take a break from the planning and scheduling. Relax and let life take the lead for a little bit because unpredictable and wonderful things are ahead and, if you plan too much, you might just miss them.


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