So, I’ve been thinking (that’s always a good start to a post, right?)… Being at a Christian school has led me to a lot of conversations pertaining to faith and religion and, the truth is, I don’t know exactly what I believe when it comes to religion. Like, I agree with a few key aspects of different religions, but when you put them all together it doesn’t equal a religion that people talk about. I’ve gotten quite tired of trying to explain exactly what I do and don’t believe, and, honestly, I don’t see why that question always has to be faith/religion based. So, for those people who think that question is essential to who I am as a person, and want a list of things I believe in, here ya go! There will probably be a Part Two and maybe a Part Three to this someday, but this is the first little bit.

I believe in laughing until your stomach hurts

I believe there is a little bit of good in everyone

I believe in long hugs after time apart

I believe that friends are the best family you can have

I believe in education

I believe that life is beautiful

I believe in a higher power

I believe that Christmas is a mindset

I believe in friendship

I believe in music

I believe in the magic of reading

I believe you always have a choice

I believe in dreams

I believe in equality

I believe that writing is the best medicine

I believe in the healing powers of ice cream and chocolate

I believe in memories

I believe that there is no such thing as “taking too many pictures”

I believe in saying “I love you”

I believe in “me” time

I believe in gift giving

I believe in eating cake for breakfast

I believe that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear

I believe that everyone is beautiful

I believe in healing

I believe in late night conversations

I believe that anything is possible

I believe in cleaning up after myself

I believe in dancing your heart out

I believe that everyone is stronger, smarter, and more beautiful than they think they are

I believe that everyone is connected in one way or another

I believe that what goes around comes around

I believe that everything happens for a reason

I believe in beautiful sunrises and magnificent sunsets

I believe that teachers are superheroes

I believe that being obsessed with a TV show or movie is totally okay

I believe that we don’t always know why something happens

I believe in soulmates, “soulfriends,” and “soulfamilies”

I believe that having 30 seconds of courage could do anyone a lot of good regardless of the situation

I believe in savoring the littlest things

I believe in sentimental objects, memories, and thoughts

I believe that, eventually, everything will be okay


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