Well, it’s finals week at Belmont which means our inner dialogue is fighting between intense panic and extreme procrastination. We might explode at any moment, but it’s okay because Christmas is quickly approaching and showing us a tiny little glimmer of hope. With that being said, let me reach out and remind you to take care of yourself as this semester comes to an end.

If you’re anything like me, you hate saying “no” to people when they ask you to do something or help them in some way. You feel guilty telling your friends you don’t have time to meet up with them so, rather than disappoint them, you simply make time.  You cut out other things you’ve planned for your day to make time to support your friends. You then proceed to stay up until 4 am to work on all the things you should have done instead of talking your friend through a “crisis” about her boyfriend. You skip meals to go see friends’ end-of-the-year performances and events. You work your butt of to help your friends study for their finals and send your carefully-made, twenty-page study guide to the entire class. Your priority list goes something like this: friends, school, work, apartment needs (cleaning, grocery shopping, etc), blog posts, Christmas shopping, eating, sleeping.

There’s nothing wrong with helping friends and wanting to be supportive, but there’s also nothing wrong with saying “no” every once in a while. You’re allowed to tell your friends that you need to study instead of get dinner with them. You’re allowed to miss one of your friend’s shows so that you can get to bed at a decent time for once. You’re allowed to sit in your room and not interact with your roommates when they’re too much to handle. You’re allowed and encouraged to have your own basic needs closer to the top of your priority list.

You are invited, encouraged even, to take “me” time and make sure you are healthy and happy. It’s much easier said than done, I know. But, I can’t help but think that, after getting a decent night’s sleep and being able to do things at your own pace, you will feel so much better. Know your limits and don’t force your body to cross the line. Maybe that limit means telling your friends you can only hang out for an hour or telling them that they have to come to your place so you can get some stuff done while you hang out. Maybe it means not hanging out with your friends at all for a bit. Whatever it is, set boundaries so you can take care of yourself and do what is best for you. When this gets particularly hard, just remind yourself that you will be completely useless to your friends if you haven’t slept for days or if you pass out from not eating. Setting these limits does not make your friends any less important. It simply means you recognize that you too are important and need to be taken care of.

We can do this, guys, only a few more days before we can go home for break. Soon, we can plan all the things we want to do over break without so much as thinking about school!elf.png


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