Twas the day of the concert, when all through the hall
All the singers were seated, on time for their call.
The robes were worn by the students with care,
In hopes that the audience soon would be there.

The choirs were nestled in their assigned spots,
Melodies of songs they’d sing filled all their thoughts.
With Concert Choir backstage, and Chambers upstairs.
Each choir awaited the filling of chairs.

When out in the hall there was talking and laughter,
The lights started dimming to quiet the chatter.
Onto the stage came Concert Choir at first,
With a flawless grand entrance that was well rehearsed.

The Music Makers were cute as can be
As was the Children’s Choir its clear to see.
On a day when the sky was so gray and drear,
Everyone arrived for the show of the year.

Chamber Singers’ performance blew them away,
Just for a moment the day wasn’t so gray .
More rapid than eagles the Choristers sang,
And throughout the whole hall, every single sound rang.

Ambassadors of Harmony joined us as well,
Singing with Concert Choir they sure did sound swell.                                                                          Then the other choirs reentered the hall,                                                                                Knowing this was the last song and to just have a ball.

As the last song began and sounds started to fly,
Its almost like you could see the notes in the sky.
So up to the ceiling every single note flew,
Filled with Christmas cheer, joy, and happiness too.

Then, in a twinkling, half the song was complete
And every person had been staying on beat.
As the very last note of this song rang out,
It was an audience favorite without a doubt.

Mrs. Berner announced the close of the show,
And out of the hall all the singers would go.
Choristers, Chorale, and Concert Choir too,
The sea of red started to make their way through.

Their eyes-how they twinkled, their dimples how merry,
Their cheeks were like roses, their stoles they did carry.
Their faces were brightened with giant smiles,
As parents were coming and flooding the aisles.

With help from directors, pianists as well,
Plus our ensemble assistants, they sure are swell.                                                                   From day one when rehearsal put us to the test,
They helped us to smile and just do our best.

All of the seniors enjoyed their last Christmas show,
Although we realized we aren’t ready to go.
This choir is more than an after school thing,
And we’re thankful we have the concert in spring .

When I started choir I was quiet and shy,
But I have become more open as years have gone by.
The friends I’ve made have become more than just friends,
It is now a huge family that never ends.

This choir is something every singer holds dear
It makes a difference in our lives and brings us great cheer.
This choir is what helped me break out of my shell,
And, thanks to my family, I can say “all is well.”


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