Do this. Believe in that. Look like this. Act like that. Listen to this. Go here. Wear this. Like that. Hate this. Say that. But mean this. Stand out. Blend in.

We live in a world of contradictions. We are constantly being told what to do, even indirectly, because of what someone else claims as ‘normal.’ Society may tell you one thing while your heart tells you another. They will be completely different. You may believe something, but claim you don’t simply because the ridicule that will occur if you express your true beliefs is just not worth it. You may have experienced the phase I call the “fashion phase,” which is when you give in to the way society expects you to look and dress. Society expects us all to be identical in our beliefs and actions. However, society also tells us to be different and to stand out. We are given mixed signals every day even from our own friends and family. We have had friends who gossip behind our backs yet, to our faces, they claim they would never do something like that to us. There have been families who claim to be happy, but we see them slowly break apart right in front of our eyes. We consistently find ourselves confused in the commotion of everyday life. No one seems to have an answer to the chaos that has ensued.

So you may be asking, as I’m sure we all have at some point, what is the solution in a world of such chaos? What can we do? Can we really do anything? Well, we could give in and say that there’s nothing we can do and just pretend it’s not happening. Or, we could love. Yes, it really is that simple. Now, you may be thinking that you love your family and your friends and your pets so you’re doing your part…Right? Well, that’s nice, but, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We must love each other as human beings from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. We must have some form of love for every single person living on this planet. Even the people we don’t like. That person who cut you off on the way to work? Love them. The person who called you names? Love them. We must appreciate the fact that we are all human and we all make mistakes. We must be mindful during every interaction we have, regardless of the person. We must plant seeds of goodness and show a little bit more compassion than usual. We must forgive because, will that grudge you’re holding onto really matter in a hundred years? We must stop trying to change everything and everyone else and start changing ourselves. Change our hearts. Meet anger with sympathy, hatred with compassion, and cruelty with kindness. Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the earth. I’m not saying we can change the world instantly by simply loving people, but if each and every one of us chose to show our love, can you imagine the change we could create? Yes, the world is chaotic and sometimes it seems like it’s coming to an end, but the path towards hope for the future lies within each and every one of us and, I believe, we can do it.



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