Well, its officially the new year which means everyone is making new year’s resolutions and trying to figure out how the heck they’re going to stick with it. If you’re anything like me, creating one resolution can be hard because you want to encompass so many things into this new year. You see something in almost every part of your life that you could do better or want to change in some way. Personally, I find it easier to set multiple small goals (eat out no more than once a week) and stick with them rather than setting broad resolutions (be healthier). If any of this sounds like you or you have a particular interest in what my goals for this year are, keep on reading (fair warning, there are a lot).

  1. I will work out five days a week whether it be walking, exercising in my room, or going to the gym
  2. I will eat protein and vegetables in at least two of my meals every day
  3. I will only eat out for one meal during the week (unless there is a special occasion like the week of Christmas)
  4. I will allow myself to say ‘no’ when I need to
  5. I will say ‘yes’ to things that I really want to do, even if they scare me
  6. I will read 5 books for pleasure this year
  7. I will set aside one hour every week to work on photography
  8. I will set aside four hours every week to practice piano and guitar
  9. I will cook at least one meal a week for my entire apartment
  10. I will allow myself to cut toxic people out of my life
  11. I will go to bed by midnight every night during the week
  12. I will attend at least three convocation events per month (gotta get those credits done, am I right?)
  13. I will learn my friends’ love languages so they can feel the love and appreciation I have for them in the most efficient way possible for them
  14. I will learn how to ignore the negative things others say to or about me
  15. I will learn more about things I can do to help myself feel better on days where I am particularly anxious or upset
  16. I will learn things for myself, not just for school
  17. I will go to every show/event my friends are participating in to show my support for them (the only time I will not go is if I have class or work)
  18. I will earn to enjoy the little things in every day (Instagram gratitude posts)
  19. I will learn how to take care of and love myself
  20. I will strengthen my relationships with others and with myself
  21. I will be happy with myself if I do my best in all my classes, even if I don’t get the grade I hoped for
  22. I will spend at least one hour a week just sitting outside surrounded by nature with no technology or people or homework – just me and the wind
  23. I will listen to understand rather than to respond
  24. I will get out of bed by 7:00am on school days and 8:30am on weekends
  25. I will do everything in my power to help my friends
  26. I will allow myself to grow and not be held back by anything
  27. I will stop going out of my way to talk to people who don’t make an effort to talk to me. Okay, this one probably needs some explaining… One of the things I’ve noticed since I was in middle school is that I am constantly the once initiating contact with people. Whether it be my best friend, an acquaintance, or family members. I have to reach out multiple times if I want to talk to them. They never text or call me first. For example, over Christmas break, I did everything in my power to contact part of my family in attempts to get together with them before I came back to Belmont. I gave them every date and time that I was available and was fully prepared to drive an hour and a half to see them. But no one had the decency to respond to my messages until the night before the last day that I was available when I sent out a text saying that, based on the lack of responses I had received (a grand total of zero out of 5), I assumed no one was available and I looked forward to seeing them all this summer. This whole situation made me realize that I wasted my time to try to get together with people who clearly didn’t find it important enough to respond to the first 3 messages I sent. I don’t want to waste my time like this. I don’t want to be the one who has to initiate all forms of communication at all times. If I’m important to someone, they should contact me as well… The phone (and internet) works both ways. So, this year, I will be backing off on some of that contact. Not to say that I will never be the first one to contact anyone, obviously that’s not realistic. However, I do plan on contacting people like that a little less often. Honestly, it’s sort of an experiment on who will find it important enough to contact me and who will make an effort to keep our relationship afloat. The people that never respond will be the ones that I consider toxic (in the fact that trying to stay friends with them causes me more harm than good) and will be part of the group that, unfortunately, gets cut out of my life as stated in number 10.
  28. I will learn enough ASL to enter the intermediate classes at Bridges in the fall
  29. I will be the best person I possibly can
  30. I will focus on the many wonderful relationships I have made in Nashville. I want to set up a time, even if it’s just for coffee, to get together individually with each of my friends at least once a week this semester.

This year has a lot of changes in store for me. These changes may be difficult to implement initially, but they will be so worth it in the end. I’m excited to see where 2017 takes me. This year is going to be different. It’s going to be hard. It will be interesting. It will be good. So, 2017, here I come.


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