“So, I’ve been thinking (that’s always a good start to a post, right?)… Being at a Christian school has led me to a lot of conversations pertaining to faith and religion and, the truth is, I don’t know exactly what I believe when it comes to religion. Like, I agree with a few key aspects of different religions, but when you put them all together it doesn’t equal a religion that people talk about. I’ve gotten quite tired of trying to explain exactly what I do and don’t believe, and, honestly, I don’t see why that question always has to be faith/religion based. So, for those people who think that question is essential to who I am as a person, and want a list of things I believe in, here ya go! There will probably be a Part Two and maybe a Part Three to this someday, but this is the first little bit.” Another collection of things I believe. Maybe this will be a thing I post every so often as I usually write things like this down when I think of them. So, here’s Part Two!

I believe in success

I believe in failure

I believe that, if you haven’t made a major mistake in life, you haven’t lived

I believe in kindred spirits

I believe that, sometimes, it has to get worse before it can get better

I believe that nurses are superheroes

I believe that life isn’t something to be scared of. Neither is death

I believe in some sort of afterlife

I believe in you – the person reading this, the future me, the internet, whatever

I believe in the power of a smile

I believe in helping others as often as you can

I believe that sentimental gifts are better than “useful” ones

I believe that common sense isn’t so common

I believe that no one has all the answers

I believe in learning from mistakes

I believe in the power of knowledge

I believe in having an open mind

I believe that questioning anything and everything can be a good thing

I believe that, sometimes, supporting someone is the best thing you can do

I believe that karma can be a bitch

I believe in forgiveness

I believe in uncertainty

I believe that people with opposing views can be best friends

I believe that freedom comes with responsibility

I believe in planning

I believe that dishes should not be in the sink for more than 24 hours

I believe that anything worth having is worth working hard for

I believe in guardian angels

I believe in trusting your instinct

I believe that adventure is out there

I believe in thunderstorms that make the earth shake

I believe that my pets understand everything I say to them

I believe in eating raw cookie dough

I believe in equal rights

I believe that watching youtube videos is a great pastime

I believe that we can choose to make people a part of our family – blood doesn’t matter


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