For those of you who don’t know, I shaved my head three weeks ago. To be honest, it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve ever done with my hair. Over the last three weeks (and even in the months prior while I was making the decision), I have heard quite a few different comments and questions asking about my choice so I thought maybe I should share.

Let’s start with questions:

1. “Why would you do that?” For the most part, I don’t mind this question (unless it’s asked judgmentally). Long story short, I wanted to.
2. “What if you don’t like it?” Well, its just hair. I knew that, if I didn’t like it, it wouldn’t be a big deal for two reasons. 1. It grows back. 2. Beanies – enough said.
3. “Don’t you want to leave it a little bit longer?” This question was usually said with judgmental undertones. Typically, it was brought up as a concern for my best interest due to the fact that people feared I would look too masculine. To all the people that think this is the 1950’s still: Surprise! It’s not. Welcome to the 21st century where comments like that are sexist and illogical. There is absolutely no reason why a woman cannot have a similar haircut to a man. News flash, women can also wear pants now!
4. “Can I touch it?” unless you are a total stranger that comes up and this is the first thing you say to me, I have no issue with it. I too enjoy petting my new hair more than I probably should, so it’s only reasonable that someone else has a lot of curiosity about it. So, sure, pet my head as much as you’d like, but please, for the love of God, ask me first!

Personal Perks:

1. Cost: even just in the last two weeks I’ve noticed the difference in how little shampoo and conditioner I use. The bottle I bought when I got back to school will probably last me at least the rest of the semester, if not through the summer.
2. Time: the amount of time it takes off of your morning routine is miraculous. First off, showering takes so much less time. Second, I don’t even have to do anything with my hair AND it’s completely dry by the time I finish getting dressed. Lastly, since my body can’t grasp the concept of sleeping in, I have time to mess around with fun makeup instead of trying to calm the beast that was my hair.
3. Confidence: there is literally no way to hide from the world when all your hair is gone. Shaving my head sort of forced me to be more confident. Sure, there are still things that I’m insecure about, but, for the most part, I have a new-found confidence with the way my face looks.
4. No more bad hair days: I have gone 2 weeks of not even thinking about what my hair looks like and it’s so wonderful.
5. Fun to pet: okay, this might sound completely shallow or just totally weird, but the amount of fun I have petting my hair is kind of ridiculous.
6. No more wind: I guess this one sort of goes along with the “no more bad hair days” part, but it is so great to not have to worry about which way the wind is blowing because, no matter what, your hair will never get in your face
7. New connections: people feel the need to ask you about why I shaved my head and if I like it. I have all these unexpected conversations with people I would never think about talking. Also, I can relate to many of my male friends so much better now that we can all talk about how great it is to not have a ton of hair!
8. Beauty: I have challenged my own perception of beauty. I never really thought about how much people – girls particularly – complimented each other on their hair until I didn’t have any to compliment. Why is it that we don’t complement each other on our personality traits? Why do we always focus on body parts to complement?
9. Elements: when you have no hair, all the elements are really in your face – literally. The sun is a solid 5 degrees warmer on my head and the rain feels so much more present. I was literally asked if I was crying the other day because the wind was blowing so hard directly into my eyes
10. Beanies: do I really need to explain this one? Well, just in case you’re not aware, the world of beanies is a wonderful one. There are so many cute styles and designs, but I’m only slightly obsessed

So, I guess what I’m saying here, is, if you’re considering shaving your head, do it! It really is a wonderful experience.


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