Its February which, in my personal experience, is the month that many people get in this weird funk. Maybe it’s because it’s the second month of a new year and we are learning that we didn’t stick to our new year’s resolutions as much as we’d hoped. Maybe it’s because we’re tired of the cold weather. I’m not entirely sure of the reasoning, but I have an idea that might help you if you’re experiencing the February Funk.
Don’t do it. That thing you don’t want to do – just don’t do it. Don’t go to work. Don’t go to school. Take the day off. Do something you absolutely love today. Go swimming. Ride a roller coaster. Maybe stop a spinning globe with your finger and then plan a trip to that very spot. Stop a stranger to have a conversation about something – anything. Close your eyes and try to see the world with all of your other senses. Allow sounds and smells to be your vision. Catch up on your sleep. Call a friend you haven’t seen in years. Watch your favorite movie. Climb a tree. Go bowling. Feed some squirrels. Do something. Anything. Just don’t go to that same place you go every day. Show all of the kids who are scared to become true adults that it is possible to be an adult and to be happy. They tell us in kindergarten that we can do anything we want. We can be anyone and anything we want. However, the world around us doesn’t always show us this. The world we see shows us people who go to jobs they hate and come home to people they married just to say they were married. Don’t do that. Don’t be one of those adults. Show the world that adults are fun, happy, and passionate. We can find a job doing things we love. We can find reasons to be thrilled, excited, proud, passionate, and joyful. Show everyone that the world isn’t as bad as some people make it seem. So, no, I don’t want you to go to work if you don’t feel like going today. I want you to be excited to do whatever you do. I want to see your eyes glow with passion and your smile spread across your face with life. I want to see you do something about the February Funk and get yourself out of it before it takes you. I want to see you laughing, smiling, and so cheerful you just might explode with joy.


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