Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Maybe they just went through a break up or experienced a death in their family. Maybe their mom got diagnosed with cancer this morning or they learned that their parents are getting divorced. Maybe they are having physical health problems or they are battling depression. Maybe they are fighting with their best friend or they’ve been away from home for a while and deeply miss their family. Maybe they’re stressed about school or they’re behind on homework assignments. Maybe they have a huge test this afternoon or they have a teacher they don’t really like. Whatever it may be, everyone has something going on in their lives that you know absolutely nothing about.
Here’s the thing, if we walk through life assuming that everyone has something going on that we don’t know about, we could make the world quite a bit nicer. Just hear me out on this one. If I encounter someone who is being offstandish, rather than automatically assuming they are rude person, I treat them as though they have something going on that I don’t know about. If I attribute their behavior to the fact that something is going on in their life that I am not aware of, I am much more likely to come across as approachable and understanding rather than being rude myself. Now, maybe this is just because I want to see the best in people no matter how hard it may be, but I think it’s important nonetheless.
Does jumping to conclusions really do anything beneficial for you? Sure, you could get angry at the person and yell at them or be generally disrespectful, but what good does that do anyone? I don’t think anyone wants to go about their day being angry and frustrated at one person. So why do we do it so often? Why are we so quick to assume someone else’s intentions rather than accepting it and moving on with the day in peace? Ask what happened to that person to make them act the way they did rather than asking what’s wrong with them. Be kind. Be understanding. Be patient. Remember that everyone is going through something you know nothing about.


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