Eventually, all of us are going to die. Okay, that sounds a lot harsher than what I intended, but hear me out. Regardless of our race, gender, sexuality, ability, etc. Everything that once may have divided us on Earth will no longer matter. Death is not picky. It comes for everyone eventually. Everything that we did, said, created, and thought will be forgotten. Not one single person will live forever. There will be a time when everyone that is currently on this Earth is gone. In the grand scheme of things, none of us have very long here.
So, here’s my opinion. If we’re going to be here for such a short amount of time, why do so many of us waste it choosing to be hateful. We choose to argue, discriminate, and hate instead of converse, include, and love. Why is that? Why is it so difficult for us to understand the fact that we really can’t afford to spend so much time hating each other? We all have only a finite number of days to share our smiles, our laughs, our love. We only have a certain amount of time to make a difference in people’s lives. Why would we waste so much of that time being disrespectful to each other? Why would we waste so much of our valuable time and talent and joy on being angry with each other and the world around us?
My wish for the world, for you reading this right now, is that we learn to be kind, caring, and compassionate by default. Instead of automatically looking at the differences between us and those around us, we should look at the similarities. We should see the beauty that comes with being human. We need to appreciate the beauty in the people around us and see that they are precious individuals that deserve nothing but love. We’re only here for a little bit, let’s not waste it on hatred.


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