Death is inevitable. It’s something that everyone goes through and is one of the few certainties in life. Now, you’re probably already thinking that you don’t want to read this because death is dark and scary, right? Well, you’re not completely wrong, but hear me out.
The inevitability of death does not make us any more inclined to face it. In fact, we spend a significant amount of time fearing death and worrying about it happening to us and those we are close to. In all honesty, death is both horrifying and mystifying. We often find ourselves terrified of death because we are scared of the unknown. We lose a loved one and want nothing more than to know they are okay. We want to talk to them again and hug them one last time. Because of this, we become horrified of the idea of death. After all, it is the one thing that is guaranteed to separate us from the ones we love. However, we are also mystified by the idea of death. We live in a world where information about almost any topic is readily available just by tapping a few buttons. We go to Google and can get information on just about anything. However, when we look at death, we have no solid answers. There are religious beliefs that give some people comfort in having a solid idea of what death holds for them, but no knows for sure. Naturally, no one can truly explain what really happens. Death is truly puzzling to a majority of people in this world. We often find ourselves scared and puzzled by this unknown ending.
I’ve had a lot of people in my life experiencing this inevitability lately and, while I can’t say I fully understand it, I know more now than I ever thought I would. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that death, in its most simplest terms, is an adventure. For some, it is absolutely terrifying. For others, it is long awaited. Maybe it’s a long journey to the final destination or maybe the adventure flashes before your eyes. The point is, we tend to focus so much on the fear and the unknowns of death that we miss out on the miracle of life.


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