I’ve noticed recently that a lot of people around me seem to believe the same thing: that they are made up of numbers. Whether those numbers be percentages on a test, price tags on clothes, pounds on a scale, or likes on a photo. We seem to have this mindset in our society that numbers such as these are defining factors to who we are as people. We have a habit of believing that the value of our clothes somehow helps determine our value as a person. We think that the pounds on a scale tell us how our beauty ranks. We tend to believe that our level of popularity on social media defines the quality of our relationships in real life. We declare our value based on the percentages we receive on tests and the GPAs on our transcripts. The thing is, we are so so wrong when we allow ourselves to believe these things. We are not made out of numbers. We are made of love, happiness, and the way we laugh. We are made of good memories, summer nights, and staying out past curfew. We are made of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, snowy winter scenes, and rainy days. We are made of hugs, smiles, and life lessons. We have so much more to us than numbers. If you believe nothing else, please believe this.


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