To my friends at Belmont,

Let me start by saying there are more things to thank you for than I can put into a general letter, but I’m going to do my best anyway. So, here goes nothing… Thank you for everything.

  • For keeping me on track. You never failed to keep me accountable for a multitude of things. Whether it be studying, working on a project, or doing homework. Even if it meant sitting with me and playing on your phone while I did my homework, you never failed to keep me accountable for getting all my stuff done. Let’s be real, I probably would have failed at least one of my classes without you.
  • For taking care of me. Whether it be a mental breakdown or that month where my body just shut down on me, you’re always there to help me out. Thank you for feeding me when I didn’t want to eat anything and hugging me when I needed it most.
  • For doing literally everything with me. Whether it be the aforementioned homework, errands, caf dates, grocery shopping, sitting behind a desk while I work, random meals out, adventures to stores neither one of us need to go, and just being there when I need you. I’m so thankful to know I am never alone because I have you.
  • For always listening. You know just about every inch of drama that happens in my life and you never fail to happily listen. I know I can always ramble to you about anything and have a listening ear.
  • For being just as strange as I am. All of our inside jokes are things no one will ever understand (nor will they want to!). Our conversations that we have just by looking at each other are priceless and the belly-aching laughs we have never fail to make my day.
  • For sharing everything. Whether it be your food, shoes, clothes (specifically sweatshirts or jackets because, let’s be real, I never think I’ll need one until we leave), or answers to the homework I forgot to finish you’re always willing to share with me.
  • For constantly encouraging me. You are always honest with me and tell me what I need to hear even if I don’t necessarily want to hear it. You remind me of the way I truly deserve to be treated and don’t let me settle for less. When I’m being over dramatic, I know I can count on you to tell me. You always know how to cheer me up when I’m upset or discouraged. I can always count on you to show me the bright side to the situation.
  • For never giving up on me and never letting me give up on myself. Even on the days where I felt like nothing was going right, you never gave up on me. When I seriously contemplated just dropping out of school and becoming a ghost writer, you told me all the reasons that I shouldn’t do that. Thank you for always helping me find the positives in life and in myself.
  • For just being you. I’m so so happy coming to Belmont lead me to being friends with you. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I can’t wait for the rest of this crazy college adventure with my best friend by my side.
  • For being just a phone call or text away during every break. Every time I have a stupid question, exciting news, or an encounter with some jerk at the grocery store, I know I can call you and tell you all about it. Even though summer is here and we’re all pretty far away from each other, it’s great to know that friends like you are just a call away. Thank you for always being up to talk about anything and everything and never letting distance get in the way

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