Just about anyone who knows me knows how deeply I feel. Whether it be feeling something towards someone, for someone, or about someone. I have always been overly sensitive to what someone might be feeling and my own feelings, in any situation, cut deep into my core and sit there, demanding to be felt. I grew up being called “sensitive” and “empathetic” with negative connotations behind them. I was always made painfully aware of how deeply I feel things and, until recently, I saw that as a bad thing. However, I have since come to realize that there’s no reason to think that the way I feel things has to be good or bad. It’s about what I do with those feelings that determines whether or not they’re good. For example, it’s the fact that I feel things so deeply that I have such a distinct urge to help people for my profession. My sensitivity to others’ emotions also forces me to feel their emotions for an extended amount of time even after leaving their presence. However, this is what helps me to be a good friend and helps me to remember to check in with my friends consistently despite my busy life. It allows me to understand what children are trying to communicate despite being unable to verbalize their emotions. My ability to be overly sensitive and deeply feel every ounce of pain, frustration, anger, joy, love, and excitement that the people around me are feeling has allowed me to have countless conversations with people who are differently abled than myself. This oversensitivity is the thing that makes me cry from frustration when I’m defending someone I care about. This ability to feel things deeply has lead me to have a profound love for a baby I haven’t met yet. When my niece was born 8 weeks early, I cried from fear for her health as well as tears of joy when I found out she was as healthy as we could hope for. And I can pretty much guarantee I will be holding back tears of joy and amazement when I meet her for the first time this weekend.

So, you see, I guess the point is that my oversensitivity isn’t exactly a bad thing. It is what it is. It is what I make it out to be. Sure, there are areas that people can make it sound negative, but, the reality is that, if I don’t let their definitions rub off on me and overtake the positive outlook I’ve found for myself, what others’ say doesn’t matter. What matters is that I make the most out of my traits. It only matters that I find my qualities to be desirable and positive. And, as long as I keep that positive outlook, other interpretations of my sensitivity or strong empathy make no difference. So, if you have a characteristic that has both positive and negative qualities to it, know that you are allowed to see it as a positive thing. You are allowed to ignore what others say and use that characteristic for the good you know you can make of it. So, it is what it is. Empathetic? Sure. Oversensitive? You betcha! And I can’t wait to show the world all the good that can come from those amazing characteristics.


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