Counselor, Freckles, Teacher, Ms. Cassidi. I’m going to miss these names more than words can describe. It’s crazy to me that this summer is already over. Today was my last day working at the YMCA and I don’t think I’ve ever been so sad to leave a job. The people I worked with have become some of my closest friends and I’m so grateful that I was able to spend my summer with such amazing people.

This summer has been more than a blessing. It gave me experience with so many different age groups and solidified my desire to work with kiddos in the future. I learned that, even when I feel like I’m at my whit’s end, I still have more to give – more patience, more compassion, and more determination. I learned that, if you let them, the people around you will be there for you regardless of how long you’ve known them. I discovered that working for a non-profit organization brings you some of the nicest people who are working there for all the right reasons. I learned that coworkers can become your best friends. I learned that kids retain more information than we give them credit for and pick up on so much more than we realize. I discovered that kids notice every detail and, when you have a bad day, they will be the first ones to give you the biggest and best hug (even if they were the ones who caused the bad day). I realized that, while they can be total terrors sometimes, kids are really pretty amazing and almost always have the best intentions.

When you go to work looking forward to seeing all your coworkers, waking up at 5am isn’t quite so bad. When you know that your campers look forward to coming to camp every day, spending time off the clock to plan activities for them becomes a joy. And, when you love the people you spend your days with, leaving becomes the hardest part. I’m not going to lie, I’ve cried a few times about leaving these people. Saying goodbye is never an easy task. I’m so lucky to have spent so much time with these lovely people.


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