For those of you who don’t know, I got a kitten this week. His name is Charlie and he’s the cutest thing ever. Within the first 24 hours we had together (8.5 of which spent in a car), Charlie taught me a multitude of things. So, here’s a list of the top 5 things I discovered within the first 24 hours of kitten motherhood.

  1. No matter how pathetic the tiny meows are that come from inside the crate, do not, I repeat DO NOT, remove the kitty from the cage while you are driving. Why? Because, you see, if something such as a semi truck, motorcycle, or, just for a random example, a minivan that makes way too many horrifying sounds to be considered safe to drive decide to drive past, soft fluffy kitty will become not so soft and fluffy. This little ball of fluff will turn into a ball of fluff with dagger-like claws that he will use to scale your body and dig himself into your shoulder to feel slightly more secure about life in general. And you will bleed. And it will hurt. And you will regret listening to that adorably pathetic meow that begged you to release him from the crate.
  2. When driving long distances, stop frequently. Stopping every 2-3 hours was the best choice I could have made. I pulled into a gas station and hooked Charlie’s leash up to one of the hooks on the back seat in my car so he could walk around for a bit. I had a litterbox set up in the back for him and gave him food and water. After he did his business, he got to play for about 10 minutes before he had to go back in his crate. Letting him run off that energy every few hours made the next few hours in the car so much easier because he fell asleep within 20 minutes of driving.
  3. You will wish for something I never thought I’d ever wish for when going on a long road trip: traffic. Because, if you’re like me and don’t like using your phone when driving but also have an obsession with taking far too many pictures of adorable fluff ball, you will require traffic to occur before you can take said pictures.
  4. As soon as you do hit traffic, every part of you will regret ever wishing for it because, as it turns out, it was the moving of the car that was keeping tiny fluff ball asleep. So, the second your car comes to a stop, tiny sleepy ball of fluff turns back to pathetically meowing ball of fluff.
  5. You may call yourself a dog person. Or you might be a person who loves all animals, but, when given the choice between a dog or a cat, you would choose a dog. Well, let me tell you this, the second your cat falls asleep in your lap while holding your finger between his paws after an almost 9 hour drive, you will officially become a cat person. Or, at the very least, it will equalize your love for cats and dogs.

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