Dear Emily,

It seems like just yesterday that we were meeting in the caf line during orientation. It seemed like fate when you said you were doing the 4+1 program too (of course things have changed since then). Spending that night together and going through our first registration hunger games together truly started it all.

People say that you usually don’t stay friends with the first friends you meet in college. Somehow we made it through though. We made it through the first semester drama, the switching of majors, the moving out of the same building, the summers apart, and, now, your (extremely early) graduation. You have been one of my biggest supporters the last two and a half years and I truly don’t know what I would have done without you. You never fail to cheer me up when I’m upset and you always know just how to make me laugh (or at least groan at your immature jokes). I’m so so happy you will still be in Nashville next semester because I don’t think I can handle you graduating and moving on to the big kid world in a different state.

Seeing you walk across that stage tonight sparked nothing but joy. Em, I am so unbelievably proud of you. You have accomplished so much in your short time here and I have seen you grow so much since that first day in the caf. I am so lucky to be able to call you one of my best friends. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. Know that I will always be here to support you in anything and everything you do.

Congratulations, Em, you’re done with college!!



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