I saw a picture of your grave for the first time the other day. It’s weird to see your name on that stone. I wish I would have known our time together was limited. I wish I would have talked to you more, although I know how much you hated talking on the phone. it’s the first Christmas Eve I’ve ever spent without you. I know you’re still watching over me though. I see those chocolate covered cherries you love just about everywhere I go. It’s kind of funny to see them on display at everywhere now that I don’t have anyone to buy them for. Kind of sad too. They definitely get my attention every time I walk in a store though. it’s weird that I won’t see you tonight at dinner. I won’t be able to tell you about how I got all As this semester or how I finally figured out the path I want to take for the rest of my time at Belmont. I won’t be able to hear your sassy remarks or see your eyes roll when Mimi says something you don’t agree with. Your chair won’t be the first time I see when I walk in the room. This Christmas Eve without you will probably be the hardest, but I know you’ll be watching over us tonight. Merry Christmas Pawpaw. I love you.


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